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Zwettulips grows tulips during the whole year by using new and environmentally friendly production facilities. The tulips can be delivered directly in Europe and America. It is possible to place an order for a certain time period, but also on the short run – even the same day!

Since 1989, Zwettulips focuses on the production of tulips. We have grown in the last 30 years to one of the leading companies in the sector, where anually millions of tulips are grown. A wide variety of tulips are offered all year round. If you’re interested, feel free to call us and we can talk you through all the possibilities.




Zwettulips cooperates with the biggest bulb farmer in the world. This makes it possible for the tulips to move through a closed production cycle. Since the whole process is controlled by one company, quality is guaranteed, which results in always getting the best quality delivered.

During the whole year, Zwettulips offers a broad selection of different kinds of tulips. Depending on the wishes of the market this selection can differ per year or per season. It is also possible for Zwettulips to deliver basicly every type of tulip, in small or large quantities.




Zwettulips controlls the total production cycle, from bulb to the flowers in a vase. This makes it possible for us to meet almost every specification that you ask for. This includes the amount of tulips per bundle and per bucket, the cultivar and the mix of colours. Zwettulips also offers environmentally friendly packaging, or even a bundle package including a cover design of your choice.

There are also multiple options considering the delivery of your order. For example, it is possible to deliver the order to the location that is most convenient to you.

By doing all this, it is possible to deliver a product that is customized to your wishes. If you have a unique question, please, give us a call and we can talk over all the possibilies.




By fine-tuning the whole supply chain, it is possible to organize the logistics of the tulips in the most efficient way. By doing this, we also reduce our impact on the environment.

We are also MPS-A certificated. This means that we reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible when we produce our tulips.

In addition, we have created a safe and healthy environment for the people we work with, for which we have been awarded the Global GAP certificate.

We endorse the principles of the ETI Base Code.



Rijshornstraat 158
1435 HJ Rijsenhout
Phone: 071 - 331 32 67

De Baan 9
CA, Oude Wetering

Phone: 071 - 331 32 67

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